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Automate customer interviews with AI & SMS

Get personal with thousands of customers and gain insights that drive product-market fit, instantly.

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One product, infinite possibilities

Make data-driven product decisions that 10x your growth, achieve product market fit, and make amazing marketing campaigns that tap into your customers deepest feelings.

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Find Product-Market Fit

Make data-driven decisions at scale

Refining based on candid feedback is the distinction between the good and the exceptional.

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Unlock better insight

Drive growth with new marketing angles

Tap into customers’ hidden desires and discover new perspectives.

Features 03
Customer interviews done right

Proven strategies to connect deeply with customers

We conduct effective interviews on your behalf at scale - something impossible to do manually.

Scale User Feedback to the Masses

Discover tools that transform your approach, and power your product offering with data-rich insights into your customers’ minds.

Launch Campaigns

Start objective focused campaigns and back your decisions by data

iMSG Convenience

We chat with customers where it feels most natural

Scale your interviews

Conduct 1000s of effective interviews that get personal with each customer

Quantitative Feedback

Data at any scale to grasp your entire customer base

Qualitative Feedback

Dig deep into your data with our proprietary dashboard insights


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